Wednesday, 4 March 2015

10 Budget Beauty Tips

Some money saving Beauty Tips!

1.D.I.Y-Do It Yourself!

There are days when you are either too skint (broke) to visit the salon, or don't have the time. I remember my student days when I would spend 2-3 days slowly braiding my hair.  As tedious and slow as it was, it was always worth it in the end when I thought about how much money I had saved myself just by doing it myself.  So, on your day off, or when you have a bit of time on your hands, just go out and buy the right products and do it yourself!

2.Get a friend or relative to help you out !

If you ask a friend or relative, they can only say ''Yes'' or ''No'' right?. Also, why not bribe them by offering to return the favour when they need it, offer to buy them lunch or if your feeling generous, actually pay them, (don't be too generous, remember your on a budget!).

3.Visit a College Beauty Salon
Years ago a friend recommended that I try out the student salon at Croydon college. I wanted my hair died and decided to take my friends advice and check it out. There I went, but, on the day, unfortunately the student I got was both rude, and did a terrible job. My requested blond highlights instead came out as greenish orange streaks. So, for years I was put off from trying student salons, until recently when I visited Lambeth College in Clapham common. They had a new salon, which was part of their newly re-vamped 'SW4/The Pavement' area. The salon had a very impressive look and feel. I booked a wash and blow dry, costing about £6, not expecting much at all.  After my treatment, I must say that I was very impressed with the results. I would say it was just as good as any top notch salon. Well worth it!

4.Be a Salon Hair or Beauty treatment model/guinea pig 

Some salons put an advert on their window for 'hair models'. Sometimes they have specific styles they might need models for, but its worth looking into if you want a free or cheap hair service.
Also check out Gumtree Free section as salons often advertise for hair models.

5. Newspapers and magazine freebies

I got a free 'balanceme' facial wash from glamour magazine , and considering I only spent about £2 on the mag, and the facial was worth  about £14, that was a pretty good offer!!

6.Invest in good quality products

The better the quality of product, the less you need to use of it, the longer it lasts and therefore in the long run saves you money.

7.Free Beauty samples

Look out for any free samples/gift with purchase offers that any brands might be offering. It can work out economical if you are getting extra products for free. 

8.Visit the salon on a quiet day

Most businesses offer special deals on their quieter trading days so its worth asking or looking out for these.

9. Look out for Student/Membership deals

A lot of businesses offer discounts for full-time students. Some also offer membership deals so its worth asking. If you don't ask, you don't get right?

10. Lookout for Special Deals 

Salons most often post their deals on their website or social media pages such as facebook or twitter. So to get that deal, you need to be fallowing them or on their email list.

Hope you found these tips helpful!

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Professional Beauty Excel London 2015

Excel Beauty London

What can I say? it was just amazing and I'm soo glad I went (as I was a little hesitant initially just out of sheer lazyness). I have to say that the Clarins Beauty counter was absolutely beautiful and my pictures do not capture how much. I got myself some bargains being that I went on the first day of the exhibition. Had I gone the fallowing day, I doubt there would be much left of their 'must have' gift sets. OPI, Elemis and many other brands including natural beauty suppliers were at the exhibition as well. Regarding the natural beauty, it was nice to see small independent retailers such as Anise fragrance bar and many others.
All round fantastic day.

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